Fairs, feasts & traditional tastes

Amorgos: The customs of the island

The customs of the island attract the interest of many tourists, because through them the island's history is kept alive.

Easter in Amorgos

During Easter every visitor has the opportunity to see different customs that differ from village to village.

The feast of “Pasteli”

On the first Sunday after August 15, the Feast of “Pasteli” is held in Chora. At this feast you will have the opportunity to see how “Pasteli” (Sesame seed candy) is made by the locals and then you will try it!


The fairs that you should not miss are July 26th of Agia Paraskevi in Kato Meria, the next day on July 27th is the fair of “Psimeni raki” in Katapola, on August 6th Christ Fair in Chora and on August 15th in Aegiali, Monastiri of Panagia Panohoriani. At all these festivals you will have the opportunity to taste local products, such as the traditional dish of the island, which is “Patatato” (goat meat in the pot with potatoes), “Psimeni” raki, dry stew and “Pasteli”. At all festivals you will be able to dance with the locals the traditional dances of the island.